Fie Friend Um Words

1. Verbaroctocera (definition: Octocerata)

An eight-wicked candle

A conjugating dinosaur

A fur-covered stone with feet-like appendages named Sarah, in a pub

For the U.S. President at night in Naples

2. Fusome (definition: Handy reat handsome notable)

Two ways to say just a bit

Instructions to a fireworks factory worker about how to finish the M80s

A cynical woman’s advice to her recently divorced friend about how to treat men

What a little kid says when they don’t understand

3. Homatropine (definition: an alkaloid prepared from atropine and from other sources. It is chemically related to atropine and is used for the same purpose)

A new dance move popular in the clubs with today’s modern kids

A grammatically and phonetically incorrect way to say “I am going to throw a bean.”

High altitude tree

The rodeo in which homats are captured with lassoes

4. Stellerid (definition: a starfish)

A way to eradicate stellas from anywhere

An exceptionally bright student

When the guy’s friend advises him to come clean to his wife, re: his torrid affair

What one says about the Empire State Building when comparing it to Seattle’s Space Needle

5. Comfortably (definition: in a comfortable or comforting manner)

An invitation from someone affected by rhotacism to join the party, but only for the French cheese

Directions about how one should arrive: in a secretive way

The world’s best bathtub brand

A misspelling, where correct spelling is comfortablis (see also: cheap white wine in a box that sounds fancis)


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