A bee, see.

Did he have cheese?

Hate chai, Jake A.

Hell, I’m in…oh, Pete

Cue our EST

You’ve eaten double, you! Icks! Why?


Now I gnome I abyss sees

Necks tie I’m own shoe sink rhythm-y.


Fie Friend Um Words

1. Verbaroctocera (definition: Octocerata)

An eight-wicked candle

A conjugating dinosaur

A fur-covered stone with feet-like appendages named Sarah, in a pub

For the U.S. President at night in Naples

2. Fusome (definition: Handy reat handsome notable)

Two ways to say just a bit

Instructions to a fireworks factory worker about how to finish the M80s

A cynical woman’s advice to her recently divorced friend about how to treat men

What a little kid says when they don’t understand

3. Homatropine (definition: an alkaloid prepared from atropine and from other sources. It is chemically related to atropine and is used for the same purpose)

A new dance move popular in the clubs with today’s modern kids

A grammatically and phonetically incorrect way to say “I am going to throw a bean.”

High altitude tree

The rodeo in which homats are captured with lassoes

4. Stellerid (definition: a starfish)

A way to eradicate stellas from anywhere

An exceptionally bright student

When the guy’s friend advises him to come clean to his wife, re: his torrid affair

What one says about the Empire State Building when comparing it to Seattle’s Space Needle

5. Comfortably (definition: in a comfortable or comforting manner)

An invitation from someone affected by rhotacism to join the party, but only for the French cheese

Directions about how one should arrive: in a secretive way

The world’s best bathtub brand

A misspelling, where correct spelling is comfortablis (see also: cheap white wine in a box that sounds fancis)



A loan


One lie

Eil noe = I’ll know



And cry

Ran gy = rangy or ran guy



Why oh you. Fuck.

You. Why? Oh fuck.

Cuff cue.



No U = Enogh a.k.a. Gone H

never ( )
to have ( )
it’s not ( )

Es suficiente
Ça suffit
Bəsdir! (where the e decided to roll over on its back, kicking up its legs while laughing uncontrollably)



Crew Sed


Wed Cres, or Dew Irks

Do Works



At his fight

Sit, as if Ed

Sighed fats

Die, as if Saints